5 Reasons To Take Part In An Escape Room Experience

If you're looking for new and exciting ways to have fun, you may want to consider unique experiences. Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular because they're an exciting activity that is perfect for individuals of all ages. It's also something different than just the norm. Are you thinking of trying this? Check out some of the top reasons you should take part in an escape room experience:  It's a Great Activity for a Whole Group

Summer Program Ideas For High School Science Buffs

Having a child who is passionate about science can be a challenge for any parent--especially over the summer when gifted children may feel bored with the lack of educational stimuli. If you have a child who is going to need some extra academic stimulation this summer, you might consider a high school science program for your child. These programs might be worth looking into for your science-loving child: Math Camp

How To Spice Up Your St. Patrick's Day Party

When the 17th of March rolls around, every American with even a microscopic amount of Irish blood (remember dear old great-great-great granddad Paddy?) dons their greenest outfit to prepare for an evening of revelry, ribaldry, and pint after pint of tawny Guinness. If you're an aficionado of all things Irish, throwing a St. Patrick's Day party is a great way to celebrate your love of the Emerald Isle. But don't let your party become a boring rehash of every St.

Go Global With Animation News

Animation has become a mainstream form of art in the United States. No longer is it limited to afternoon cartoons for kids or cult short films from independent animators. Large studios routinely release feature-length films, and there is even an Oscar category for best animated feature now. For new animation fans, this is a golden age when information is abundant. Choosing how to sift through that information can be time-consuming, so relying on animation news sites is what many fans do.