3 Advantages Of Classic Movie Podcasts For Screenwriters

Screenwriters can find a lot of different ways to learn about the craft and art of screenwriting. Along with reading screenplays and watching movies, writers can gain a lot of valuable information when they listen to classic movie podcasts. The podcast episodes often dive deep into the movies to offer recaps, behind-the-scenes looks at the production, and other insights.

When you listen to a classic cinema commentary podcast, you can apply a lot of factors directly to your own writing. Learn some of the advantages found when you listen to multiple podcast episodes.

1. New Perspectives

Your view of a movie or characters within a movie can be completely different than someone else's. Someone of a different gender or with a different background can view movie elements in a whole different way. The new perspectives on a story can help you develop your own narrative tone as you plan out screenplays.

The new perspectives allow you to see how characters come off and add more empathy to the way you write and value characters within a story. You could have viewed a classic movie one way and then see a completely different view when you listen to someone's thoughts on a podcast.

2. Story Flaws & Viewer Elements

When you watch a movie, you have so many different elements to focus on. When you listen to a podcast on a movie, the hosts will break down the different elements and help point out a lot of the flaws or problems within the story. The flaws they find in movies can help you find similar flaws in your own projects.

When you learn about plot holes or details that a viewer focuses on, you can pick up on those flaws and recognize issues within your own writing. The more podcast episodes you listen to, the more you can pick up on flaws and improve your writing.

3. Genre Deep Dives

If you write in a specific genre, then you can take a deep dive into episodes that focus on specific movies within the genre. Through the episodes, you can listen to cliches within the genre, what works, and what elements have been way overused. Through the analysis, you can pick and choose what to include in your writing.

You also have the opportunity to elevate your writing and offer a lot of subtext for specific elements. For example, in a horror movie, you may notice the overuse of jump scares that the podcast hosts talk about. You can use those cliches to create your own special moments and deliver elements that go beyond traditional jump scares.

Try out a few episodes of a classic movie podcast to see how your perspective changes and how your writing can improve over time.