3 Basic Terms To Know When Betting On MMA Fights

Are you familiar with MMA and want to put your knowledge to the test by gambling on the matches? If so, it will help to know some of the basic terms that will be used when placing an online sports bet.

Money Line Bet

A money line bet is a way of saying who is going to win the fight. It doesn't matter how they win the fight; all that matters is that they win in the end. When you look at a matchup, you are going to see numbers associated with each fighter, which includes a positive and negative number. The negative number is the favorite and the positive number is the underdog. As you can imagine, favorites have very little payout compared to the underdogs if you bet correctly.


You're probably wondering how much money you can win by betting on MMA fights, especially because there are many matches with clear favorites and underdogs. Whenever you see a negative number next to a favorite, know that number is the amount of money that you need to bet to win a hundred dollars. For example, if you are placing a money line bet on a fighter that has a -600 next to their name, you would need to bet $600 in order to get a return of $700 if they win the fight. 

The underdogs have that positive number next to their name, which works a little bit differently. That is the amount of money you would receive by placing a hundred dollar bet on them. If the underdog has -200 next to their name, it means that your $100 bet would get you a return of $200. In these examples, both bets had the same winning payout for how much you make in the end, but one bet required a lot more money upfront because the fight was considered the favorite. 

Go The Distance Bet

Some bets have a different type of win condition depending on if a matchup will go the distance. This means that the fight will not have a clear winner or loser based on knockout or submission. You do not need to bet on who will win the match, but simply if the fight will go to the end of the allotted rounds for the fight and be decided by the judges. This type of bet is typically offered on main event title fights where the matches are longer.

If you'd like more MMA betting tips, talk to a betting professional.