Horror Movie Soundtracks Add Festive Sounds For Post-Halloween Season Parties

Halloween season only arrives once a year, officially. Fans of horror films and all things Halloween-related don't have to limit themselves to October-only festivities. Six months after the season ends, spooky movie and holiday enthusiasts could host a party to celebrate All Hallows' Eve's halfway point in the spring. Warmer months might leave attendees wanting to be more active than will be the case in late fall. Perhaps running the party around the theme of playing classic horror soundtracks would give the active-minded something to hop up and dance about. Amassing a collection of brilliant horror movie vinyl soundtracks could help the cause and deliver the suitably wicked music for the event.

Upbeat and Hip Classic Soundtracks

While many awesome horror movie soundtracks embody a creepy, slow, and dark tempo, numerous soundtracks feature upbeat and hip themes intended to "psyche" the audience into the picture. Several horror film scores from 1980s cult classics embody the semi-disco sound style, although a few from the 1970s do the same. Choosing and spinning several upbeat soundtracks from classic horror movies boosts the odds that the dancing sessions — and the party as a whole — won't be slow.

Background Music for the Party

Not everyone wants to dance from the party's beginning to end, but people may prefer to hear music even when sitting or eating. Playing soundtrack music in the background could serve a similar purpose that certain tracks deliver during the actual movie. Music at a lower volume and pace hangs in the background, providing mood. A Halloween-centric party may lose some of its thematic styles without the right musical arrangements. Even-paced music, often from "filler" tracks in a popular horror film's soundtrack, could present the necessary background audio ambiance to keep attendees in the Halloween mindset.

The Remix Option for More Dance Tunes

Not every cool track on a horror movie's soundtrack has a dance vibe, but there are ways to fix that for those who want a more active sound. Horror fans turned musicians may provide a dance remix of opening credits or another track. A special vinyl release could include multiple versions of a well-known theme, with each version sounding different, too. Such remixes might be perfect for a party.

Building Up a Collection

Not all horror movies are the same stylistically, and neither are the accompanying soundtrack LPs. Building up a solid collection of horror soundtracks on vinyl could ensure the collector has tons of tracks to play before, during, and after the Halloween season.

For more information about building a horror vinyl collection, contact a local seller.