Are You Visiting San Diego?

If you have been to San Diego in the past, it's no wonder that you are returning. Some people left their heart in San Francisco. You might have left yours in the beautiful city of San Diego. And if you have never been to San Diego before, prepare to fall in love with each minute you stay there. Whether you're a returning traveler or whether this is your first visit to San Diego, from going to the San Diego Zoo to taking a helicopter ride, here are some ideas that might help you to have an enjoyable and memorable stay. 

Places Of Interest 

Of course, you can't leave the city without going to the famous San Diego Zoo. Even if you're been there before, it's totally fun to see the animals, and there might even be new displays. Besides seeing the animals, you will more than likely be captivated by the beautiful plants that abound in the zoo. And whether you're a new visitor or a seasoned one, consider going to the gorgeous neighborhoods that have landscaping that will amaze you. The little town of La Jolla has older houses that overlook the water, some of them very old homes that have been well maintained and even some newer models. If you enjoy picnics, think about going to Balboa Park with food that you purchase to go from one of San Diego's wonderful eateries. 

A Helicopter Ride 

If you want a really thrilling way to see the entire San Diego area, take a helicopter ride. It will take your breath away not only because you'll be having the time of your life but because of the views you will see from the air. The helicopter will be manned by trained pilots who have been well trained to provide a safe ride for you. If the pilot knows that you are new to the city, he or she will point out San Diego's landmarks. You'll see the San Diego Zoo, but the people who are walking around the zoo and any animals that you see from the air will look like tiny toys. You'll get a fabulous look at the water and at the beautiful San Diego hills.  When you make your helicopter tour reservation, rememberers to tell the clerk how many people are in your party. And be sure to be there on time so you won't miss the ride of your life.