Shooting Your Own Youtube Videos? Rent This A/V Gear

Plenty of youths today are interested in making money on YouTube, and this can indeed be a lucrative career with the right approach. Whether you want to unbox products, sing or play an instrument, or share your views on any topic in a talk radio-style format, you'll need to offer high-quality content. Your content should also look professional if you want to get more viewers, and you can often achieve this goal by visiting a local audio/video supplier and renting some gear. Although the specific things that you'll need may vary according to the type of videos you'll be shooting, here are some essentials.

Lapel Microphone

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can use the built-in microphone on your smartphone or DSLR camera. Doing so might be convenient, but it will also be picking up other sounds in the space and, worst of all, a significant echo. The result will be a tinny sound that isn't enjoyable to listen to. You can alleviate these concerns by renting a lapel microphone, which will be a minimal investment but will make a significant difference in the audio quality of your videos. Equipped with a long cable, it will plug directly into your recording device.

Softbox Lights

Softbox lights are another essential device to rent before you start to shoot your videos. One of the biggest differences between professional and amateur videos is the lighting — and if you're just using the lights in your room, your production will fall into the amateur category. Softbox lights are equipped with white LED bulbs that will favorably illuminate you without being so bright that you find yourself squinting as you look into them. You generally want to use a series of softbox lights positioned around your body so that you eliminate shadows.


If you're going to be writing long scripts that you'll read as you record yourself, you want to deliver your words in a professional manner. Don't fall into the habit that many YouTube enthusiasts make — saying a sentence or two at a time and then joining all of these short clips together. For a professional result, consider renting a teleprompter. Much like the journalist who reads the nightly news on your local TV network, you'll be able to load your remarks into the device and it will vertically scroll your words at a desired pace on a screen in front of you while you read.

Reach out to a local company to learn more about A/V rentals.