Four Tips For Those Renting Tables And Chairs For A Party

If you are hosting a large party, renting tables and chairs is a great way to ensure you have enough places for everyone to sit. While the process should be pretty simple, assuming you rent from a reputable company, like the one found at, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you rent tables and chairs.

Decide between round and rectangular tables.

In most cases, a table rental company will offer two options: round and rectangular tables. You won't notice how important your choice is until the tables are delivered. Measure your space, and use the measurements to determine which table shape will fit into the space more easily. Allow for space around the outside of the room so everyone can walk freely around the tables. Also, consider the vibe of your party. Round tables make it easier for people to converse and get to know one another, but rectangular tables can be easier when it comes to serving food and setting up displays.

Rent a few extras.

Make sure you rent an extra table or two and a few extra chairs. This way, people won't have to awkwardly sit near people they do not know well. They can leave a few open spaces without it being awkward. You may also want an extra table for setting up food or other party supplies. It's better to have too many tables than not enough. You can always fold one up and set it to the side if you don't need it.

Have a plan for tablecloths.

Some table and chair rental companies also rent linens, but they do not all offer this service. Find out if your table company rents linens so you know whether or not you have to seek out another company for this service. If you do end up renting tablecloths separately, make sure you ask the table rental company for the exact table sizes so you can be sure to get linens that fit.

Set them up early.

Whether you'll be setting up the tables yourself or the table rental company will do this for you, make sure you set them up early. There's nothing worse than having guests show up when half of your tables are not set up yet. If you have time to do so, you may even want to set the tables and chairs up for the day before the event. This way, you won't be as rushed.