Teens Bugging You About New Years Eve Plans? How To Throw A Safe And Fun Teen-Friendly NYE Party

New Years Eve will be here before you know it. If you have teenagers – or even preteen's – they're probably already bugging you about planned activities. New Years Eve is one of the deadliest times to be on the road. Traffic accidents increase dramatically during the holidays, with most of them involving alcohol. In fact, statistics show that there are about 54 alcohol-related traffic fatalities during the New Years Eve holiday. If you want to help keep your kids safe, and prevent them from becoming a statistic this year, you might have decided to keep them home on New Years Eve. However, that decision to keep them home doesn't mean they can't enjoy some fun. Hosting your own teen-friendly New Years Eve party will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your kids are safe, and give your kids the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with friends. Here are three tips that will help you host the perfect NYE party for your teens and preteens.

Hire the Right Entertainment

When it comes to hosting a NYE party for your teens, the most important item on the list should be the entertainment. You've got to hire the right entertainment, and not the kind that you'd enjoy. If you're going to be hosting a houseful of teenagers and preteens, you're going to need entertainment that they're going to enjoy. Ask your kids for their input when hiring the entertainment. You might want to consider a DJ who will provide the type of music your kids will listen to. Be sure the DJ you choose is open to requests. Your guests will want to dance to their favorite beats.

Include Plenty of Food

If you haven't noticed yet, teenagers do a lot of eating, but not necessarily the kinds of foods that you'd enjoy. When planning your kids NYE party, be sure to include plenty of food. Party favorites such as pizza, chips and dip, and other fun snack foods are sure to be a hit with your younger crowd. However, make sure you get your kids involved in the food selections too. They'll know exactly what they'll want to eat on NYE. Don't forget plenty of sparkling cider and disposable champagne glasses. The guests will want to toast the new year when it finally arrives.

Provide Transportation

If you're going to be hosting a teen-friendly NYE party for your kids, be sure to consider the other parents when making your plans. Most parents won't want to shuttle their kids back and forth to a party on New Years Eve, especially if they're going to their own new years eve party. You can make the parents happy, and keep the kids safe, by hiring a party bus to transport the kids to and from the party.