Caregivers: Make Your Loved One's Entertainment And Life Better With These Tips

If you're a caregiver to a bedridden loved one, you may go out of your way to make their lives better, especially if your elderly family member is dealing with health complications. These health problems can interfere with your family member's quality of life. There are some things you might do to make your family member feel better, including placing different types of entertainment in their room.


If your loved one spent a lot of time visiting theaters in the past, they might miss doing so now. Some movies have the power to make people laugh, even when the individuals are sick. Movies can also encourage good memories and thoughts in individuals with dementia, or another related condition.

It's a good idea that you select short movies instead of long movies. Shorter movies can keep your loved one's mind focused and clear enough to enjoy what's on the screen. Also, choose movies that make your loved one smile or remember the good times in their lives. For example, old westerns, mysteries, musicals, and romantic comedies are good choices.

If you can't find anything, don't be afraid to ask your family member for their input on what they want to see. Your loved one may have something they want to watch you might not know about.

After you find the right movies, make it easier for your loved one to watch them with or without you present.

Pillow Speakers

Although your loved one is bedridden, they may still have full or partial use of their hands. However, arthritis and other health issues can make it difficult to use regular remote controls. You can solve this issue by purchasing a pillow speaker and remote control for your loved one. 

The devices typically come with large colorful buttons and mechanisms. The devices also attach to televisions and other electronic equipment, which eliminates the use of multiple control systems. Also, your loved one can adjust the sound to fit their specific hearing needs. 

If your loved one needs additional features, such as nurse call or emergency call, select a device that features these options. You can always program the devices to meet your caregiving needs when you obtain them.

Although your loved one is bedridden, they can still find entertainment in their life. If you need help finding the right options for your loved one, contact a hospitality specialist for more details today. Contact a company like ProTVSolutions for more information and assistance.