Pick These People For Your Escape Room Team To Find Success

A popular way to spend a fun evening out with friends is to get a large group together and visit an escape room. Escape rooms are prevalent in many cities and offer a variety of rooms with unique challenges that can bring the best out of your group. A common way to approach an escape room is to divide your group into two teams and pit them against each other with the losing team springing for a round of drinks at the end of the evening. If you get the chance to pick your team, here are some types of people that you'll want to add:

The Creative Thinker

Successfully getting out of an escape room before time expires requires brains, not brawn. For this reason, you'll definitely want to add someone you know to be a creative thinker to your team. This person might be someone who is constantly looking for new ways to perform certain tasks and isn't afraid to offer a unique idea that no one else might have considered. You don't want someone who says, "I was thinking that and should've said it" after time expires. A creative thinker who is confident to share his or her ideas will be a valuable member of your escape team.

The "Try Everything" Person

You don't want your group to be at a standstill when its braintrust is working out the puzzles, so you should seek to recruit someone who is all about action. In your group of friends, there's likely someone who isn't afraid to try everything: the first to jump into the cold lake during a cottage visit, the first to eat something bizarre, or the first to lend a hand when it's needed. This person can get busy in the escape room trying every strategy that comes to mind, and one of these attempts might just be the key to getting out.

The Natural Leader

Every effective group needs a leader, and unless you plan on captaining your group to victory, you'll want to select someone who can be the chief. This is a person who can keep a group organized and isn't afraid to delegate tasks. The group's progress can slow down if people aren't used properly or if everyone is trying the same thing at the same time. A natural leader will be able to draw out the plan for how the group will proceed, which can be instrumental in leading your team to victory.