Giving Books For Christmas Might Be A Great Compliment

Have you ever thought about how much your gift to somebody reflects how you feel about that person? Of course, it's fun to give things like jewelry to the gals on your list, or to give toys to the children on your list. However, giving books for Christmas might be sending an important message. Your unspoken message might be something like I know you love to use your fabulous brain. Or your message might be something like I respect the love you have for history. If you have decided to give books to the people on your Christmas list, from giving classics to kids to giving Roger Williams historical novels, like Rekindled, to history lovers, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Classics -

You can probably never go wrong by giving classic books. After all, they have already stood the test of time, right?

  • Think of giving Little Women or Heidi to young girls.
  • The Nancy Drew books would more than likely be another good choice.
  • For the guys on your list, think of giving classics like Treasure Island.
  • Something lighter for the guys might be the Hardy Boys books.

Theme Books - 

Giving books with a theme to them shows that you understand the interests of the person who is receiving the gift. For example, a person who loves to travel might truly enjoy novels that take place in foreign countries. People who love history might love Roger Williams historical novels.

  • The Three Musketeers, set in France, is one consideration for lovers of travel.
  • Another choice for a person who loves to travel might be the novel, Wind from the Carolinas, set in the Bahamas.
  • Kill two birds with one stone for people who love history and who love America by giving Roger Williams historical novels.
  • Roger Williams historical novels start in England and end in the new Americas, 

If you do decide to give Roger Williams historical books by Mary Lee Settles, consider starting a collection for the person to whom you are giving the book. You might start with Finding Providence or you might select I, Roger Williams which will go into the separation of church and state more. If you're feeling generous, give the complete Roger Williams collection in hardback form. You might also be able to find the paperback form of the Roger Williams historical novels collection. 

A great little gift to give along with the book you have chosen would be to add pretty bookmarks or book labels with the readers name on them.