7 Things You Need To Discuss With Your Wedding DJ Ahead Of Time

So, you've decided to get married but you still need to find out where to find the jams for your reception. Music plays an important role in your special day, and one of the best things you can do is feel out the offerings of your DJ. These questions will help you determine if the DJ you are considering is a great choice for the wedding:

1. Has the DJ Done Events at this Venue Before?

If you have already selected a location for your event, it is a good idea to ask the DJ if he or she has worked there before. A DJ who has experience with your selected venue may be most successful setting up and breaking down quickly without issue.

2. What Is the DJ's Style?

Every DJ has a unique style, and it is important to understand what kind of music your DJ likes to play. What genre does he or she understand best? How will this fit in with the vibe you want your wedding to have?

3. Does the DJ Have References?

A good DJ will have a history of references to refer to. Ask if the DJ has other couples you can call to ask about the services provided. This may give you a better idea of whether or not the service will work for your event.

4. What Are the DJ's Go-To Wedding Songs?

Every DJ has a few songs up their sleeves for weddings, so why not ask if this one has some options to discuss? This also allows you to veto some of these choices.

5. Does the DJ Carry Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance covers everything from damage to equipment to injury to the DJ. The venue you choose for your wedding may require that DJs carry liability insurance.

6. Can Guests Make Requests at the Wedding?

If you want your guests to make special requests at the wedding, ensure that your DJ will be willing to accommodate this. You can also ensure that your DJ understands your own requests.

7. Can the DJ Play Songs with Religious Significance?

Do you have religious songs you want to have performed during different parts of the reception? Make sure that your DJ will be able to provide you with this service with the right versions of the songs you selected.

Hiring the right DJ is essential to having the wedding of your dreams. In selecting the right DJ, you can make your night totally perfect. Contact a wedding reception entertainment service for more information and assistance.