Prepare For A Haunted Outdoor Camping Experience

If you have been reading reviews about a haunted house that provides an all night outdoor camping experience that includes being scared by various creatures throughout the night when you least expect it and would like to visit the venue, the following tips will help you prepare for the event so that you will remain safe and enjoy the experience.

Wear Comfortable Clothing And Shoes

Pick an outfit to wear that is lightweight, weather appropriate, and non-restrictive. Shoes that have cushioned inserts and plenty of traction on their soles will prevent your feet from hurting and will make it possible for you to run from the creatures of the night without being likely to fall down or struggle. Avoid wearing jewelry, belts, or other accessories that protrude because you could accidentally snag an item on a tree branch or bush or poke another person with one of the items and cause them to become injured. 

Acquire A List Of Items That Are Prohibited

Contact the manager of the haunted house and outdoor camping extravaganza to acquire a list of items that are not allowed on the premises. For instance, many public attractions will disallow anyone to bring alcohol or tobacco along with them due to the harm that it could cause to people attending an event and the property that it is located on. An intoxicated person may become ill or could be at risk of falling down and severely hurting themselves.

Tobacco and smoking implements could accidentally cause a fire on the grounds which could result in dire consequences. While inquiring about what is prohibited, take note of what you will be allowed to bring. Pack a small duffel bag with these items, which may include a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, and toothbrush. 

Refrain From Staying In A Tent If You Don't Feel Up To It

Be prepared to be scared during the event because that is what the haunted attraction's purpose it. If you expect to be able to sleep comfortably, you may want to inquire about being segregated on another part of the property that doesn't involve being surprised by mummies, skeletons, vampires, or any other 'monsters' that are taking part in the festivities.

If you are interested in finding out if you can successfully stay in your tent the entire night, try to remember that the actors at the event will not harm you and that none of the creatures are real. If you don't feel up to staying in the tent after a while and are frightened out of your mind, leave the tent and locate a worker who can assist you with moving to another part of the grounds.